The Romanian Community in ITHACA, NEW YORK

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Ithaca is a small town, in a hilly region, in Central New York, in the vicinity of the cities Syracuse, Rochester and Binghamton. Situated in a region of great natural beauty, Ithaca is an important academic center, housing the campuses of Cornell University and Ithaca College. Among the culturally and ethnically divers population due to these two academic institutions, there is a Romanian group composed mainly of Cornell students, but there are also several Romanian families settled in Ithaca. Because the majority of Romanians are students which are coming and leaving, the composition of this group is ever changing. Most of the Cornell students are graduate students, but there are also some undergraduates.

A part of the Romanians from Ithaca have organized in a small group. This group meets when Father Daniel Ene, the pastor of Romanian Orthodox Church "The Holy Trinity" from Victor, NY visits us. His visits are related to different religious activities of the Romanian Orthodox Church. A quarterly Liturgical program was established. Also the Father comes around Epiphany to the Romanian homes around Ithaca with the Lord's Baptism. Occasionally the father officiates baptism and Vespers services. Usually, together with the services, Father Daniel performs the Sacraments of Confession and Communion (during Holly Liturgy). In the last three years, His Eminence Archbishop Nicolae Condrea of the Romanian Orthodox Church of America and Canada has visited us yearly, officiating the Holy Liturgy or Vespers services. After the services we have a coffee hour.


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